The simple answer to why ROWE: It’s smart.

ROWE is a Bright IdeaA Results Only Work Environment makes sense on many levels.

Perhaps one way of pointing out why it makes sense is to highlight what doesn’t make sense in various workplaces.

It doesn’t make sense that…

…if I arrive late 15 minutes or leave 15 minutes early, I am looked down upon even though I get all my work done during the day.

…I have to DO work AT work even though a huge amount of my company’s business and work is done over the phone, computer, or internet.

…I am trusted to handle thousands of business dollars, but I can’t be trusted with my time to do my work.

…I get punished with getting more work or suffer looking busy because I’m efficient, effective, and productive at completing my work.

…I sit in meetings that are scheduled for the sake of scheduling, when a simple e-mail or quick phone call would suffice.

Who Benefits?

ROWE benefits both employees and employers.

With ROWE, employees are treated like they’re supposed to be… as adults. Employees receive control over their time and lives. Imagine having the time to get errands done during “work hours” or not having to play the game of office politics.

Employers are able to weed out slackers or turn slackers into producers, attract quality employees, and retain top notch employees.  Also, there are less issues to worry about, such as keeping track of employee time and paperwork in regards to sick days, personal days, vacation days, etc.  What is left are happy, productive employees that don’t have to worry about playing the office politics game.

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