What is ROWE?

What is a Results Only Work Environment?

Results Only Work Environment (ROWE)

Where an employee’s performance and productivity is measured solely on his or her delivered results while allowing freedom of time and personal autonomy. 

Open Your Eyes to ROWE Other than the simplified definition, a ROWE is far more reaching in its concept and practice. A ROWE is more than just a management style. It’s a way of life and a culture that is based on what truly matters. A ROWE strips away the non-essentials that cause negative stress, worry, and anger in the workplace.

The concept of a ROWE should be easy to grasp because it is common sense. It’s not difficult to understand that what ultimately matters is that you complete quality work.

There are a number of companies beginning to realize the power that a ROWE has on its employees, productivity, and, most importantly, it’s results.

Around 2001, ROWE was being developed and implemented at the Best Buy corporate office in Minnesota by CultureRx’s Cali Ressler & Jody Thompson.  Since the success of ROWE, Cali & Jody have been helping more companies become a ROWE.

In 2008, Cali & Jody released their book “Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It” detailing the problems and solutions to current workplaces.

Learn why ROWE is beneficial to employees and managers.