ROWE Videos

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Best Buy and ROWE: Results-Only Work Environment

  • See testimonials and insights about ROWE and how it has affected Best Buy.

Video: Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson speak about ROWE

  • A highlight reel of Cali & Jody speaking to companies about a Results Only Work Environment.

Highly Recommended – Video: Work Sucks! How One Company Aims To Fix It

  • A news feature by WCCO that reports Best Buy’s conversion into a successful ROWE. The newscast includes personal interviews, strategies, benefits, and more.

Tim on ROWE – A Personal

Account About Struggles with Work

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Interview with Ricardo Semler of SEMCO

  • Ricardo Semler speaks about employee democracy.

Highly Recommended – Video:

The Caring Capitalist – Brazil

  • The Caring Capitalist is a documentary on the innerworkings of RicardoSemler’s company SEMCO.

Highly Recommended – Video: Leading by Omission – Ricardo Semler

  • Ricardo Semler speaks at MIT about how his company functions.

Video: Ricardo Semler on AME Info

  • Ricardo Semler speaks with AME Info about current work practices and his opinion.

Tim Ferris – Author of “The 4-Hour Workweek”

Interview at Google

  • See what Timothy Ferriss has to say at Google during a Fireside Chat.

Video: Ricardo Semler’s Lumiar School

  • Lumiar School, in partnership with Microsoft, introduces a new way of teaching & learning that allows children to become knowledgeable and empowered.

Funny Commercial – “When I Grow Up”

  • What makes this Super Bowl commercial funny is that it speaks the truth. The truth is spoken by the ridiculous dreams the children aspire to be when they grow up. No one truly dreams to work in a place that is ruled by useless office politics. It is amazing how we put ourselves into silly work environments. Go ROWE!