Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t want to work from home?

You don’t have to work from home. Go into your company’s workplace and work.  Better yet, if possible, travel around the country and do your work somewhere pleasant.

What if I like working from 9 am – 5 pm?
Easy. Schedule your day from 9 – 5. Remember, what ultimately matters is your results.

What if I like going into work because I have people to socialize and interact with?

On ROWE, you can just call up your co-worker and ask if they want to meet up with you and work. Isn’t work supposed to be for work anyways, not socializing? :)

What about a dress code?

Other than meeting with clients, customers, safety, and hygiene issues, does it really matter? The way you dress is not going to determine whether or not you produce quality work.

How does ROWE work for non-office jobs, like factories or
manufacturing companies?

Ricardo Semler’s company SEMCO is a great example of a ROWE-like style of management implemented in a manufacturing company.

For example, employees come into work and manufacture what they need to produce. Then the employees leave for the day. However, if
needed, the employees come in on a Sunday to finish their work.

Watch “The Caring Capitalist” to learn more about SEMCO or read Ricardo Semler’s book “Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace.”

Also, it is rumored that Best Buy will be implementing ROWE in their retail stores in the near future.

What if I like being told that I have to be at work between certain work hours?

We are surprised people ask this question.  If you put it into the following perspective, you may see why we find this surprising.  Ask yourself this simple question:

“Do I want freedom or no freedom?”

Most people will elect freedom, however when it comes to work, people unknowingly choose no freedom.

People have told us that they may not be disciplined to set aside time to do their work. However, why would you want someone to tell you to be at work for a set time?  Even though, you can make yourself stay at work for a certain amount of time.  Is it out of pure laziness that you want your boss to decide when you should work so that you don’t have to motivate or think for yourself?

Plus, in a Results Only Work Environment, if you don’t get your work done and deliver results, you’re fired.

If you still do not want to be free and think for yourself, then ROWE may not be for you.

Do you have any questions we may be able to answer?

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